Panel sessions

The members institutions of the GCN organize panels and representation at major criminological conferences worldwide. Panels organized include:

At the conference of the 2013 European Society of Criminology in Budapest, Hungary, a session “Human rigts, criminal Justice and criminology”

  • Policing for Human rights, Jack Greene, Northeastern University, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Boston, United States
  • Organised crime and Human rights, Wim Huisman, VU University Amsterdam
  • Human rights violations and international crimes: a double bind, Stephan Parmentier, University of Leuven

At the 2013 Conference of the American Society of Criminology in Atlanta, USA, a session on “Comparative Studies in Corruption Control”

  • Combating corruption in new and old EU member states, Huisman, VU University Amsterdam
  • Corruption Control in 25 Countries, Nikos Passas, Northeastern University
  • A Comparative Analysis of Policing and Corporate Corruption in Australia and India, Simon Bronitt & Ashutosh Misra, Griffith University

At the 2014 Conference of the American Society of Criminology in San Fransisco, USA, a session on “Combating Human Trafficking”

  • Federal Prosecution of Human Trafficking Cases in the U.S.: Barriers and Challenges; Jack McDevitt & Amy Farrell, Northeastern University
  • The Organization of Human Trafficking Before and After Legalizing Prostitution. The Case of

the Netherlands; Edward Kleemans, VU University Amsterdam

  • The Lost Art of Regulated Tolerance: Regulating Prostitution in Amsterdam; Wim Huisman, VU

University Amsterdam & Hans Nelen, Maastricht University