Joint teaching

The GCN aims to document, integrate and build academic linkages between member institutions with specific intent to develop an integrated curriculum across institution.

From February until April 2015 Northeastern University SCCJ and VU University Amsterdam offered a digital distance course in Comparative Criminology. The course consisted of seven online lectures in shared real time, attended by both Dutch and US students. About 20 Dutch and US graduate and phd students participated in this first joined GCN-course.  Each lecture covered a specific topic, approached from respectively the Dutch and the US’ perspectives.  The course was be taught by six US/Dutch teams, each team consisting of 2 or 3 experts in a  topic of comparative interest (immigration, race and crime; comparative policing; self-report survey of delinquency; corruption, human trafficking, and penal policies).  An introductory lecture provided the theoretical and methodological context for the comparative approach to understanding crime and justice.  The aim of the course was to provide Dutch and US graduate students the opportunity to collaborate with their Dutch/US counterparts in a research project on a shared topic of interest.  Students where expected to write a research paper under the guidance and supervision of the US/Dutch team that gave the lecture on the selected topic. In two final digital meetings, the students presented their papers two their peers across the Atlantic Ocean.